An Aikido dojo established in Hong Kong that follows 8th Dan, Seishiro Endo Shihan's teaching.


We are a group of passionate Aikido practitioners in Hong Kong with diverse cultural and global Aikido experience.

At Juntenkai, we are a collective and collaborative group dedicated to the study and training of Aikido.

Juntenkai means "A Group that Follows Heaven's Guidance".

(Written and given to us by Endo Shihan))



There are many things in the world that cannot be controlled with one's own power; this is symbolized by the word "Ten", which also stands for the universe.


Combine with the word "Jun", which means to follow; the word "Junten" is to learn from the universe and everything that surround us.

"Junten" also questions how we harmonize with nature, such that we blend with the flow without using any force against it.


It is said the vibration of the body is the proof that there is a connection between us with the universe.


Connection with universe extends beyond physical.  Through connection and realization with nature, Aikido offers other benefits such as further one's social skills, confidence and development of a loving nature.


Welcome to Our Dojo


Our dojo is convenient located in a safe area, easily assessable by MTR.  With a comfortable 990 sq ft of training space , we welcome you to join the Juntenkai family.


Juntenkai offers an excellent dojo life for Aikido & Iaido training and an opportunity to be involved in a friendly dojo community.


This is the beginning, be a part of it and we look forward to growing with you.


Juntenkai is very fortunate to have 7th Dan, Makoto Shimizu Shihan from Japan, who is a core part of Endo Shihan's group in supporting and providing guidance for our dojo

Inquiries about joining the Aikido Juntenkai family, please send us a message!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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